Durrell Hunter is a Florida based, self taught, colorblind artist known for his gritty, yet realistic works of art. The Shinnecock Native gets his inspiration from impressionism, abstract, and realism.

Durrells passion for art has been with him since birth. But it wasn't until after high school that a friend would inspire Durrell to paint. Durrells work can range from abstract to realism, and have a little of anything in between. Very few of his pieces have just one art style involved.  

Since he began painting Durrell has sold over 70 paintings. He assisted in painting album plaques, and a rick ross display in ''Trap music museum'' Atlanta GA. He developed facebook's visual image for indigenous peoples day 2020. He was apart of a visual exhibition curated by Preservation Long Island, with The Shinnecock Indian Nation. He has also been featured in EVEY galleries, out of palm beach island FL, emerging artist exhibit.

Durrell hopes to be known for his artistic expression. His ability to navigate different artistic styles to collectively bring them together. To tell a story of how Shinnecock Native Americans have been forced to adjust to the occurrences around them. To have viewers of his work drawn into the visual emotion of his pieces.